Who else wants to learn faster, get more free time, improve their performance and secure their jobs or business?

“I have too much material to learn to master it”
“I’m going to study for hours but nothing comes out of it.”
“My new job requires a lot of learning from me, I can not go on like that anymore”
“I have no time for student life”
“The fifth time I have come to this exam!”
You know it? Are you frustrated by the excesses of school, college or work?
Want to spend less time on books? Or maybe better pay, thanks to more competence,
which you are capturing instantly?

Is it possible?

Yes! And in a moment you can learn how to overcome EVERY obstacle,
thanks to strategies of fast and lasting learning. You will know the READY SYSTEM,
RECEPTEE for success in learning.

From: Marcin Kijak Subject: Problems with science and their solutions Hello, I am very happy to be able to share with you something that has completely changed my life. And the lives of the people I have learned. If you are on this site and you read my words, you probably want to improve something in your life. You may have a learning disability, and maybe you just want better results or more free time. Maybe your current job frustrates you and you want to re-qualify to get better and a safer job. Or maybe you are passionate and want to gain knowledge of the areas you love more quickly. Regardless of the reason you are here, I will help you to solve the problems you have on your mind. Of course, I will not do it for YOU, but I will step by step how to do it myself. What is the main problem of the official teaching system? It is the system itself. As little children we are thrown into deep water, whether we can swim or not. In all schools they teach us specific information and impart knowledge about each area of ​​our lives. But they forget about the most important: THE WAY, WHAT HOW WE KNOW WE ARE GETTING TO! No one teaches us in schools how to learn quickly, how easily to memorize, how to fix knowledge, How to create notes that you can use later. They do not teach us what affects our mental abilities and what influences our learning. As adults, we have developed our own ways of learning. We got them through adult observation, clues from the environment and our own experience. If all this process was conducive (for example, a person who knows how to learn well), then we are lucky and we can learn. If it was otherwise, For the rest of our life we ​​may have problems with learning … Why am I writing this?

I also had such problems. For most of my childhood I could not learn and I considered myself an antitheft to learn. My skills and beliefs have affected my performance. It was only later that I discovered that the cause was not within me (in genetics) but in my knowledge of learning. For many years I have been looking for solutions and I found them. I applied in practice and it changed my life forever. The problems ended, appeared free time and smile on his face. I was able to find and work out a system that worked. Over time, I began to help others. First of all my friends and colleagues, then friends of friends, and in time, completely foreign people. Over time, I became a certified trainer for fast learning and reading. And since I love sharing with as many people as possible, I started doing it also on the internet. There were more articles, websites, blogs, ebooks and courses. Over the past few years, I have collected a lot of feedback and worked out a system, which is universal. A fast learning system that works independently from personal experience and the preferences of my students. It is based not only on mnemonics, but on all pillars of fast learning. Learning is not the only “cramming” process that is most commonly associated with this term. It is an edifice which stands on many pillars, on which its height and endurance depend. Quick learning includes: Concentration of mind Motivation to learn Your beliefs Your habits Ways to create notes Strategies for repetition and optimization Follow the rules and rules of memory Defined goals and time perspective of achieving them Reading speed and level of understanding of the text Memorization techniques Lifestyle and nutrition Stress level and emotional self-control Ability to use dominating brain waves Proper distribution and planning of learning material Ability to associate Using many senses while learning … As you can see, the ability to learn quickly consists of many elements. When you step up and take them into your life, the results must come out!

Tą całą wiedzę usystematyzowałem i ułożyłem tak, aby każdy mógł z niego skorzystać.
Co więcej, rozplanowałem materiał na 12 oddzielnych lekcji kursu, które po „złożeniu do kupy”
dają gotowy system szybkiego i skutecznego uczenia się.

All you have to do is EXACTLY follow my instructions and perform the given in the exercise course. There is no other way to master this system. Knowledge without practice is not worth anything! However, if you invest your time in a thorough review of this course, I guarantee you the results! Here’s what you’ll learn about the “Quick Learning in the Practice” course: How to start using your real possibilities (which you probably do not know yet) What is the meaning of your subconscious life in your life and what is it for you? What are the most common mistakes made in learning and what to do to eliminate them? What bothered you while learning and how to change it What is the process of learning and how to implement it? Why and how to use several senses while learning What are the most important and proven strategies for rapid learning? How to speed up your reading speed without losing your understanding of the text What are mnemonics and how do they work? How to use mnemonics in everyday life (not only at school / college!) How to multiply the capabilities of individual mnemotechnics? How to remember the content of lectures, semesters, or even the contents of the entire book What are key words and how to use them to save up to 90% of learning time How to record in a way that will facilitate understanding and memorization of learning material How to memorize the names of people and faces

  • How to increase the concentration that will affect any action you perform How and why should you take care of your fitness, health and lifestyle to improve your learning outcomes How to change the negative beliefs into ones that will be your support How to learn foreign languages ​​to double your earnings at work and open up to new opportunities How to take skills from the masters How to deal with stress in any situation and control all emotions How to set your goals to improve your performance in every area of ​​your life and many other methods and strategies that will primarily affect your ability to learn, as well as any other area you are involved in. Who is the “Quick Learning in the Practice” course? For students who have a lot of material at college and want to have more time for student life For students who have learning difficulties and want to solve them and improve their learning outcomes For employees who need to learn new skills and process large amounts of data For entrepreneurs who want to better manage their company and its resources, beat out the competition and increase profits For those who want to learn faster and more effectively
If you are one of these people, this course is for you!

Although I am very well aware of the fact that it is up to the participants to use the course - it is right from the beginning I would like to sign only the right people. Only those who are likely to benefit from this valuable knowledge.

Moreover, people who can take responsibility for their own hands and conscientiously work on their development. So read the list below and make sure you do not belong to such people.

To whom this course will not be useful?

People who do not believe can be different
People who do not want to do exercises
Those who do not want to take responsibility for their lives
Those who do not need to learn anything and change
If you belong to any of the above groups of people, then leave yourself and close this page. You will not use it anyway
with this knowledge. Look for something else.

What do my clients say about my training?


“If I were to recommend this course, I would say something like” Go to the course, leave the rest to the Kijak ” Arkadiusz Tokarski, Warsaw “I wish I had been there before. I think every high school student or student should know the techniques outlined here. ” Natalia Gan, Warsaw, owner of a service company “I think Marcin Kijak is a passionate person who has long used what he teaches and even improves! That’s why the fast learning workshop is so successful and I would even say that you will get much more money from Marcin than others, so I was just at him, it was great, thanks! ” Marcin Jefimow, Entrepreneur from Warsaw, www.colway.waw.pl “It was really great. Nothing more nothing less. For the first time I’ve been on such training and I think it’s great that someone has decided to work out some good weapons on this meaningless education system, where first the person teaches the details, then the general, and why should he learn it. ” Piotr Polanski, 5th year veterinary student “I learned many things I did not know about before, things about fast reading and information storage. I think anyone can try it on their own or if it works, but you need regular training to get motivated. ” Patrycja Śniegowska, a student from Płock “Interesting training, occupying. Makes the impression that it is too short because the knowledge is interesting, which you purchase. Honestly conveyed information with exercises gives immediate results. ” Kaczmarek Adam


“Z początku nie byłem przekonany do szkolenia. Choć liczyłem że coś mi da. Nie przeliczyłem się.
W ciągu 1 tygodnia szybkość czytania zwiększyła się 4–krotnie ze zrozumieniem. Marcin swoją postawą motywuje do działania i aż chce się dalej ćwiczyć.”

Michał B., student psychologii


Z czego składa się ten kurs i jak wygląda od strony logistyki?

Cały materiał podzielony jest na 12 oddzielnych części, które nazwałem lekcjami.
Po zapisaniu się, raz w tygodniu otrzymasz e-mail z dostępem do kursu. Po zalogowaniu się
na stronie, znajdziesz na niej:

  • najważniejsze tematy w postaci mapy myśli
  • wykład wideo w którym omawiam wszystkie zagadnienia
  • nagranie audio MP3, które możesz użyć do powtarzania materiału w późniejszym czasie
    (np. w samochodzie, drodze do pracy, etc.)
  • skrypt szkoleniowy , który składa się ze wstępu (abstrakt), omówienia każdego z zagadnień,
    ćwiczeń praktycznych oraz zaleceń, kluczowych terminów do stworzenia własnej notatki/mapy myśli,
    zestawu pytań dotyczących każdego z zagadnień (In memoriam), opowiadania z morałem lub humoru
    oraz zapowiedzi kolejnej lekcji
  • mapy myśli omawianej podczas wykładu, zawierającej streszczoną lekcję
  • czasami dodatkowych zasobów poszerzających wiedzę – dodatkowe materiały do pobrania
    (ebooki, nagrania, mapy myśli) lub odnośniki do innych źródeł w internecie
  • formularza kontaktowego do zadawania pytań oraz komentarzy do wymiany zdań pomiędzy
    uczestnikami kursu

How much will I invest in my development? When readers of my blog and students of the previous versions asked the question, how much they think it could cost such a course, some priced it at 975 zł, others at 928, 630, 452, 360, and some people suggested a lower price. The average price suggested by readers came out at 394.6 zł! But I went one step further … and I offer you not for 975 zł, or 452 zł or even for 394 zł, but only for 227 zł !!! Due to the manual handling of the user accounts and personal contact with the trainer, only one participant can attend only 45 people. If you do not see a payment button at this time, it means that all seats are currently occupied. Sign up now for instant access! Choose the best payment method for you: Remember: You receive this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for this course. If for any reason you find that it is not for you – you will receive a cash back and I will release the place for the next person.